Falcon Corporation is fully committed as a strategic partner in Natural Gas development and energy deployment in all sectors of the economy where Natural Gas can be employed as a driver of economic growth and industrialization. We are the licensed franchise operator with the mandate for gas pipeline and infrastructure development, gas distribution, operation and management of the Ikorodu Natural Gas Distribution Zone, under a 20 year Build, Operate & Transfer license from the Nigerian Gas Company (subsidiary of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation).

Falcon achieved ‘First Gas’ in November 2006 and we have since deployed a network of over 50km of distribution pipeline across Ikorodu and environs, with a current delivery capacity of 25 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscf/d). We provide our customers alternative energy solutions designed to enhance their long term profitability and growth in a sustainable way. Our customer-centricity has seen the Falcon brand rise over the years to become a household name and the LDC of choice in Nigeria’s domestic Gas Sector.


We are intent on harnessing and optimizing the energy and economic potential of Natural Gas across the nation, continuously scanning and engaging markets and prospects to identify emerging opportunities for growth. Our drive in the area of gas distribution is based on our ‘Think Gas…Think Falcon’ aspirations.

Over the years, we have achieved a holistic Gas engineering capability that enables us offer to our customers a wide range of services –Technical, Design & Consultancy; which satisfy the highest Gas Quality & Safety requirements; and for which we have received several awards and industry recognitions.

We recognize that our operations have significant economic and social impact, and we thus view our gas development efforts as a National service first and as business second. This is the backdrop of our continuous expansion of our facilities and pipeline infrastructure. Our franchise optimization drive is about delivering value to our Customers, Stakeholders & the Nation as a whole. As we consolidate our expansion beyond our current area of operations, it is our goal to entrench our position as a core industry player, a corporate brand to be reckoned with, a solid investment, and as a strategic partner of choice in the gas industry.