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Effective management of health and safety of our workplace and workforce, protection of the environment and quality delivery is an overarching priority for Falcon.

"IF IT'S NOT SAFE, DON'T DO IT, If it's not quality, don't accept it".

Propelled by our vision, Falcon aspires to world class HSEQ management – to meet the requirements of international HSEQ Management Systems standards. Falcon is proudly certified to the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standards. Our compliance with and maintenance of the standards as well as commitment to their fundamental principles over the years, contributes and attests to the rigorous implementation and continual improvement of our HSEQ management.

It is our belief that “HSE thrives where quality thrives”. We have a deep understanding of the strategic significance of ‘Quality’ in achieving our long-run profitability, corporate sustainability and delivery of tangible value to our customers and stakeholders. These, with our key quality strategic objective of effective streamlining our process, underpins integration of our HSEQ management.

At Falcon, achieving our HSEQ policies and objectives is everybody’s business and no expense is spared in allocating required resources to achieve our strategic HSEQ objectives. This is underpinned by highly visible leadership commitment and participation at all levels of the organisation which drives our generative HSE culture aspiration. For every member of Falcon organisation, it is sacrosanct that “if it’s not safe, don’t do it” and “if it’s not quality don’t accept or deliver it”.

Falcon, as an organisation and our staff in individual capacities, care about the environment and we are deliberate about finding new and better ways to preserve, protect and ensure the sustainability of the environment in which we operate.

We mandate and strategically seek compliance to our HSEQ policies from our contractors and sub-contractors on all our offices and project sites, working in close partnership with them to identify and mitigate hazards, and ensure safe work methods are deployed on every project.

As an organisation that puts “Safety First”, our strategic HSEQ policy on Stop Work empowers every Falcon staff and contractor, without fear of reproach, to stop any aspect of work that is not in compliance with our HSEQ policies and objectives. On daily basis, amongst other employed worksite Hazards management, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is applied to every critical job. HSEQ consultation and communication is paramount at Falcon – employees consultation ensures that employees are involved and that relevant sections of the organisation are consulted on critical HSEQ matters such as hazards identification and control, incident investigation and training needs. In addition to daily worksite HSEQ briefing and Toolbox meeting, each week’s work at office is commenced (at Monday morning) with Safety Timeout brief. A general HSEQ communication meeting is held monthly as well as contractors and suppliers HSEQ communication forum.

"We understand the strategic significance of ‘Quality’"

We are a visionary organization with broad aspirations for the future. We understand the strategic significance of ‘Quality’ in the achievement of our long-run profitability and corporate sustainability objectives. At the center of what Falcon is about, is the delivery of tangible value to our Customers and stakeholders. To achieve this, Quality is at the heart of all we think, say and do.

Falcon is a proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The development, rigorous implementation and continual review of our Quality Management System reflect our commitment to the fundamental principles of this Standard. Our systems of processes and policies are designed to engender leadership, ownership, systems thinking, sound decision-making, continuous process improvement, and the maintenance of strong supplier relationships that work together to ensure great customer satisfaction. We maintain an unwavering commitment to operational excellence and service reliability, all the while ensuring we are in compliance with identified laws and statutes guiding our operations.